YoWhatsApp-The Best Ways to Protect Your Privacy While Using The App

What is yowhatsapp yowa? If you are one of the many people who are in search of a free version of this program, it is well worth the effort. It is one of the most popular free products that are available on the internet, and there is an excellent reason for this. Read on the article to learn more.


YOWHATSAPP provides everything that you would expect out of a software application that is capable of helping you increase your productivity. This includes tasks that will help you manage your time better, as well as managing your contacts and emails and much more. It has a number of features that enable you to make the most of your time and also save you money. You can download the latest version from sxprojects website.

Protect Your Privacy

With the launch of YoWhatsApp, an app that allows users to send and receive messages and photos without needing any social security number, many users have become concerned about the privacy settings of the app. Although the app’s main purpose is to allow users to communicate with each other through a mobile text messaging platform, there are also some legitimate reasons why they should be careful when using it.

  • Firstly, if you don’t want your conversations to be tracked and recorded by the applications on your phone, then the privacy settings should definitely be checked out before using the app. By default, users are allowed to send out messages to up to five people from the same network, although this may be limited depending on the device and network where they are being used. As long as the messages are unread or in the spam folder, it will not affect the app’s overall functionality. However, some apps do use the messages list to send out advertisements, which can lead to advertisers tracking your conversations and posting them on their own networks.
  • When it comes to general messaging, it is a good idea to set the app up so that it doesn’t keep any private information about you or your contacts. If you don’t know the names of your contacts, then you can enter their phone numbers manually, but it is recommended that you use a search feature in order to make sure that you find the name of the person who owns the phone number you are searching for. Once you have found the person, you should then call them up and tell them that you would like to send them a message. In most cases, they will accept your request and allow you to contact them. However, you should always check if there is some type of verification process in place before sending out messages.


This is a big issue nowadays, especially when utilizing social media apps, and many people do not find WhatsApp secure sufficient since others could sneak into other people’s online life and know so many things about a person. That’s what prompted Yousef Al-Basha to integrate some privacy features in YoWA. People can feel safer using it. 

  • Who Can Call Me? Just as the name suggests, you can obstruct incoming calls from anyone you don’t want to reach you. You only go to their profile and turn on the feature. When somebody you blocked calls you, the call automatically drops. Just be cautious with issues in emergencies. The person on the other end could be in dire need. Just use it for completely annoying people, I suppose. 
  • Freeze Last Seen. With this feature, you can use WhatsApp with no disturbances since your last seen would not be visible to the other person. 
  • Show Blue Ticks After Reply. Unlike messages where you see blue ticks too without replying, this feature only shows that tick once you send a response. It is handy for busy people who could not replay immediately. 
  • Anti-Delete Messages. In the original WhatsApp, when someone deletes communication from a conversation, you can no longer read it. But, this YoWA feature, you can still read messages deleted by the personality on the other end. No one can hide anything from you going forward! 
  • Anti-Delete Status. This one lets you see stories and watch video situations of your friends who have already deleted such content. Thus, you don’t miss to see what’s been going on. 
  • Hide View Status. With this hallmark, the person on the other end would not see your title in their status view list. You are invisible, in short. You will see his status, but he can’t see you.

How Safe Is YoWA?

Mind you, there are already millions of people hung up on YoWA. However, it took quite some time for the app to update, so there are many who encountered bugs and crashes. It’s about time the app has been updated. It is now free of bugs and glitches. No longer are there any issues with performance. It is also entirely safe and secure, so you won’t have to worry about malware or adware.

In Conclusion

It is important to always make sure that the app you are using has the correct privacy settings set up, otherwise you will end up compromising your safety. To ensure that your information stays private, it is advisable that you set up the app to allow only people you know to be able to access your inbox and messages, and to set up another account to check if your messages have been received, but not read. You can know more about it from whats app official.

How To Install and Use GBWhatsapp

Use GBWhatsapp

Are you tired to use the old and simple Whatsapp? Want to try something exciting and different with Whatsapp? Today, we’re going to share some of the latest WhatsApp Mod APK that is commonly referred to as GBWhatsapp.

The GBWhatsapp app

Whatsapp is one of the most used and widely used messaging applications in the Android. But there are many different applications and programs available in the market for it that makes it more difficult for the users to choose a specific application. This is because it is not only very limited in its features but also very hard to choose the application. It can be hard to look for different applications that will suit your needs. But today, I am here to tell you the best solution in order to install the latest GBWhatsapp.

I have tried a lot of software programs and apps that are available for downloading but nothing works better than GBWhatsapp. This is because it allows users to get the best features and capabilities that are provided by the latest Whatsapp on their Android mobile phones. But the most important feature that you can get from the latest Whatsapp program is the added security system that has been built by Google.

With this added security system, you will never be worried that your SMS messages will get lost or that your emails can get lost because of the bad or poor performance of the other applications that are installed in your phone. This security system allows the users to get the latest and updated features that are offered by the Whatsapp. This gives users the access to the latest and updated features that can provide them a better and more interesting experience of the Whatsapp. They can also easily download the latest apps from the official website of Whatsapp for free. You might also want to check out gbwhatsapp apk download 2020 and Find latest apps on websitepin

How To Install The App

In order to install this application, all you need is to follow the installation process given in the official website. After that, you can start downloading the latest application to your phone. You can easily uninstall the application if you wish to use another application in the future.

I think it is a great idea to use the latest application of Whatsapp for your Android because it allows the users to be the most current of the latest and most interesting applications available for their phones. And since it is free, it’s surely one of the best gifts that can be given to the users. If you want to try out the latest updates on the Whatsapp application, you should try to install the latest GBWhatsapp.

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