About us


Toronto Prim Rose Hotel is an attitude lifestyle hotel with strong design identities, providing efficient guest services with successful restaurants and bars recognized by both locals and travelers, creating a genuine and in-vogue experience. The Founder bezant is very enthusiastic in technology and very eager in Updating of the world of Technology.

Toronto Prim Rose Hotel guests are sensitive to design, culture, and entertainment looking for an alternative atmosphere.

Toronto Prim Rose Hotel is opportunistic in its investment approach and believes in being agile and sensitive to local market conditions while simultaneously maintaining steadfast investment principles that guide us across various hospitality asset classes and geographies.

The investment strategy is focused on value creation through refurbishing, repositioning, and operating hospitality assets that are undermanaged in areas where market inefficiencies and strong macroeconomic fundamentals yield attractive opportunities. We also seek to add value by implementing best practices to local markets and working with trusted, world-class consultants and partners. Our experience allows us to be decisive and invest ahead of the general market where factors such as size, complexity, or current illiquidity may impede other investors.